300 mini apples

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First off, I hate waste. This led me to picking (at least) 300 tiny apples from our overgrown, in-desperate-need-of pruning apple tree. But they tasted ok & are pretty cute. 

plastic laundry basket partially full of tiny yellow and red apples sitting on a bamboo mat

hand holding a tiny apple with many tiny apples slightly blurred in the background

Applesauce is the plan. Cook them whole, run them through a sieve to strain out pits and stems and voila!?  I can't think of anything else to do with them and I really don't want to core miniature apples.

October 8th update:
Failure! I made applesauce. Blended them whole in the vitamix instead of trying to run them through a sieve later. I boiled this resulting slop of seeds and stems and apples then simmered in a large pot for several hours to reduce the water. The result was a bitter, aftertaste. Even with added cinnamon and honey, it was yuck.

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