Harvesting veggies (small and all...)

colourful Fall leaf on a wood grain background
Hmmmmm....enjoying a slice of apple bread and a cup of earl grey looking out the window. My favourite season without a doubt. I love summer too but I don't like being too hot. And my fingers are perpetually cold in the winter. Fall is perfect: crisply leaves, cozy sweaters and firing up the wood stove.

Plus, it's harvesting time for some of my veggiesrecently harvested onions drying on a wooden table
These onions grew from sets (my first attempt and I'm not convinced it isn't better to buy them). Most turned out about the size of golf balls. Alas...

harvested onions with greens stalks on

handful of beets being held up over the area where they grewThat's my beet harvest. I'm pretty excited about them! I love beets and they were easy to grow. 

green tomatoes still on the vine

Unfortunately, my tomatoes are all still green.

How was your harvest this year?

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