Rednecking with gusto

Dirt, engines, the beach and apples....the weekend was forecasting amazing weather. Thinking it would be the last opportunity to do summer 'things', we decided to get out there and 'do' them. Plus, Craig had a dirt-bike race he dreaded was looking forward to.

Mara beach on the way to Vernon is one our favourite spots. We love, love this beach. Not everyone felt 18 degrees beach-day, as you can see. Us: embracing the beach.

An apple tree back a little from the beach. Craig climbed it and threw down the fruit. I caught them as gently as I could but these were super sensitive apples! I could see all my fingertips turned to bruises where I caught them. Yay, applesauce!

Leaving the beach we travelled further west to the 'campground' at the race. When we arrived, nope, wait, it was another 11km of painful, slow, uphill, dirt full of potholes. I was surprised to see large RV's that made it intact though I don't know how. The field was lumpy with little level spots & power lines. I could hear the buzzing and clicking of electricity. Probably not a place to spend too much time if you value your brain.
Just before the race everyone heads to the pre-race speech to find out how many laps you need to endure,

Here's Craig at the enduro course. Tires, logs and rocks that everyone is expected to get through. Watching the first round was fun! But by watching, you must be ok with having your person coated in dust and your ears subjected to noise. Not too much.....99% of the race takes place in the woods where you can't see anything.

The starting line for Craig's class! After they take off, there is nil to see until the enduro course at the end. Poor Craig. A back injury early in the race on meant he pulled out early (he thinks climbing the apple tree did it).

Here are the bruised, unknown variety we picked.

Overall, a great weekend with a little bit of everything. Going to these races is a fascinating study in a sub-culture I'm not exposed to.  It's noisy, dirty and everyone is walking around in coordinated dirt bike gear. People bring their kids. Little ones, barely 5 riding around on tiny gas powered bikes. It's a different world but fun to be a part of it for a day or two.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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