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Since I moved to 'moister' pastures (from Alberta to BC), my skin has been thankful. But I still use cream/lotion occasionally. I'm particular about what I'll use-- preferring no scent (or a 100% natural scent) & no greasiness. Not too much to ask in the world of a million cream choices? Actually it is, so I find it easier to whip up a batch using a base and adding my own oils.

I researched the ingredients in this one by New Directions and have used it for several years. My mom likes it too (jut got her the 1kg tub!). It's thick but not greasy. 
This cream has a nice scent. Natural but not floral or overly sweet. It contains grapefruit, bergamot, sweet basil and lemon. 3-4 drops of each works well for this size container. 2 drops of the basil. Experiment! It's fun.

Mix the oils in the bottom of the container first. Then add the cream a little at a time completely mixing it with the oil until you have your container filled.
Flatten the top of the cream with the back of a spoon (so you can get the lid on). If you wish, add a decorative lid and tag. Not a bad personalized gift either. The blend I use on my face is lavender & rosemary.
A few more things to do with your essential oils: 
  1. Customized shower gel (this one is gentle on skin and way cheaper). I make labels and give as gifts-the one below is our utilitarian well-used bottle. 
  2. Diffusers 
  3. Personalized 'perfume'. Mix a neutral oil (like sweet almond) and your scented oils in a roller bottle (that's one behind the peppermint oil). 
  4. Room spray 

Have you used essential oils? What do you do with yours?

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