Can a dressy apron motivate?

For a week it has been like this photo & if it's not raining, it looks like it will. After living in a sunny place it takes getting used to (and motivation to get out of bed). 
overcast sky with leafless tree But, I've realized, it's possible to get things done in the rain. You don't have to cozy up to the fire and watch 2 seasons of Breaking Bad (that was Sunday). No, you can get out there! Rake leaves, chop wood, go to the farmer's market and buy garlic.

I got out the fancy weekend mugs to 'festive' things up a little and I baked in my dressy apron. collage of pics. woodpile at the front door, pottery travel mugs, embroidered apron, purple garlic in an enamel bowl
Our doorway looks like this now. Only a tiny area for boots.

On another note, I started a job. It's part-time and I'm glad to be doing something different. It would be easy (and enjoyable) to stay in and bake bread all day. But gotta make money! Plus gets me out of the house and into the world. 

How do you keep motivated when the weather is grey? 

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