Happy times at the thrift store

I love a good bargain--especially finding good quality stuff. Every once in a while (just when the stars align), there is 50% off at our thrift store. A bland looking place with friendly people and ever changing items. All money supports the local hospital, so it's a win-win.

What I found today (everything, altogether was $3!!).

thrift store finds including mason jars, bamboo steamer, rolling pin and tray laid out on a wooden deck

Vintage tray for cheese and crackers.

Vintage plastic cheese tray

Bamboo steamers.

2 different sizes of bamboo steamers laying on a counter top

A solid marble rolling pin.

marble rolling pin with wooden handles on a wooden counter top

Feeding the mason jar obsession.

empty vintage mason jars on a counter with one full of split peas

Find any good gems yourself lately?


  1. I just got a bamboo steamer at a thrift store, not quite as new looking as yours...but still looked in good shape. After I bought it, I was wondering how sanitary it would be since they are very porous and if steaming would open up an filthy stuff inside from being tossed around during the "thrift store" stages?

  2. Huh, never thought about that. My thrift store is super small and the ones I bought were never used, but I can see how a slightly used one would give me pause before buying it.


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