5 healthy convenience foods to love

More rain. We dragged ourselves out for a run on Sunday. Another diversion was the local craft sale. I picked up a pair of soft, handmade mittens from a lovely senior who made them & a huge pail of honey. I also confess, I made these bars AGAIN. That's 3 times in less than a month. So much for an occasional treat. The rain makes me do it.
handmade knit mitten with tag attached with a little thread and 3kg pail of local honey

Before I get to the list, I just discovered 'comments' were turned off the blog. They are on now (at least I hope they are). Please try it out, I really look forward to hearing from you!

This list includes foods that are nutritious and quick. I also love things like avocados and chives and they are pretty quick but they would fit on another kind of list. 

These are 5 products I think are great. I use them a lot and the companies seem like good ones to buy stuff from. All of them are healthy choices (in my opinion). All but one are Canadian companies, which is kinda nice too.

1. Hemp hearts

hemp hearts package on a background of wood

I first heard about HH's on Dragon's den. They are a Manitoba company. Mild and slightly nutty, you can put them on almost anything. Mainly I put them on oatmeal, salads and in smoothies. They have a website (I just discovered today) with interesting recipes like mint chocolate brownie protein bars. Yum!

2. Nature's path crispy rice

Nature's path crispy rice cereal
When you are craving cold cereal and don't want to eat something with 45 ingredients. We have it for breakfast (with hemp hearts sprinkled on top). Great for making granola bars (and those bars I mentioned up top). They are a Canadian company, family owned and started in B.C. in 1985. Even though they have got fairly big, they still seem to care about nature and their products. In browsing their website, I found these delicious looking chocolate clusters- made with 'love crunch'. Cute name. 

3. Krisda

package of Krisda on a background of wood

They were on Dragon's Den too. Krisda is refined stevia. Delicious in earl grey tea, I love making my own 'pop' with it using sparkling mineral water and lime juice. They have their own pop (I reviewed the root beer when I was in Ontario). If you are used to white sugar, it may take time to get used to the flavour (my dad is not convinced). 

 4. Amy's burrito

package of unopened Amy's burrito on a background of wood

I pick these up by the box-full at Costco. They work out to $1.50 each. Craig eats them as a snack, it makes lunch for me. Basic ingredients (compared to other frozen burritos).

5. Almond milk

Container of Almond fresh milk on a wood table

Earth's Own is a Burnaby B.C. company that used to be called Soyaworld (catchy?). I started using this milk about 6 months ago and I'm a little obsessed. Before buying earth's own, I made my own but the almond meal started multiplying by the freezer-ful (what to do with it?).

That's my top 5 list right now. What foods would make it to your top 5?

Finally, if you aren't feeling pumped by stevia and hemp hearts, try this tune I discovered by Rodrigo y Gabriela (amazing the way their hands move).

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