New kitchen goodies

Christmas has come and gone in our little home but with it came lots of baking, an excellent turkey, skiing and a wonderful visit with my brother.

Happily, with the holidays came all of my requested kitchen items. If I can only get over this silly cold, I can start making use of them. In the meantime, I'm imagining good things.

Finally! Unfortunately it doesn't fit in any of my baking pans but I'll use it in anyway and just kinda fit it in there as best I can. And it's an excuse to get a commercial size half sheet pan in the future. According to their website I'm envisioning even, stick-free cooking. 

Roasting pan
My brother lives next door to ikea and picked this up for me. I used it for the turkey and enjoyed handles that fold down and a removable tray to remove the bird from the drippings. Speaking of turkey,  I tried brining for the first time. It's my new favourite method and Craig and my brother said it was the best turkey ever. I followed these directions
Citrus juicer
I juice lots of lemons, at least half of one per day in my morning water. It's coming in handy for my less than healthy self; making lots of lemon, honey & ginger tea.

(sharp) Kitchen scissors
Mine were getting sooooo dull about a year ago. These actually cut stuff. I use them almost daily for chopping herbs, opening packages, etc.

Glass straws
This was a gift to myself. I checked the mail everyday for like 3 weeks waiting for them. These little guys are hard to get a hold of! Initially, it was only going to be a smoothie straw (that's it on the left) but I ended up getting a few more. 

**If you are in the market for your own glass straw, I noticed (where I bought mine) has a short-term deal: Until midnight January 3rd, get free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Use coupon code SHIPJAN13
Well, I'm going to juice a few more lemons for tea and read a book on the couch for a while near the fire. Wishing you a happy healthy day!

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