Crocheted hemp kitchen cloth

Happy Monday!! I'm trying out some enthusiasm since I don't really feel it. It was a rainy weekend (again). I did a bunch of cooking last week but didn't do much since Friday. We went to Vernon on Saturday to buy a new toilet and new kitchen lighting (3 spot lights and now I can see what I'm doing!). And a nice surprise was that Vernon was sunny. Sunny and like 8 degrees. It was like going to Mexico for the day.
a box of parchment baking cup liners

So, I recently got addicted to baking with parchment paper and I noticed they had parchment liners too.  Compared to regular paper cups that for me leave like 1/3 of the muffin stuck to the paper, these ones are great! Nothing sticks to them AT ALL.  Really, they are lovely and perfect. If they have any fault I would say that they are too non-sticky and the paper comes off on its own if you handle it too much.

On to other things. Being December 3, that means getting my hand-made cards ready and making simple crafts. My crafting supplies are strewn around on the kitchen table and probably will be for a while since I've only made 5 cards. It's a 'tree & stars' theme (I think it was last year too-you can't really go wrong).
5 handmade christmas cards laying on a wooden table
I'm making kitchen dish cloths. After making them last year, I got hooked on using them. They machine wash and don't smell bad like synthetic cloths tend to. They last like crazy (I used one daily for a year washing it at least once a week and it lasted beautifully-I was going to include a photo but it was pretty ugly in then end). Here's my brand new one I stitched up last night. I could only find hemp yarn locally but I think it will work out better than cotton. I did a little research and learned that hemp fibres are super strong, not itchy and they dry extremely quickly naturally. Made for kitchen cloths I'd say.
hemp yarn, crocheted kitchen cloth, scissors and crochet hook on a wooden tableThe pattern is super basic; a single crochet rectangle with a triple single crochet border using a #4 or #5 hook. If you need some help with that, here's directions from someone who already made a great little video. 

Of course I tried it out right away. The sturdiness of the yarn made for perfect scrubbing action.
Crocheted hemp kitchen cloth held over the sink by a hand


  1. i love your dish rag

  2. Jacqueline SargeantDecember 4, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    I LOVE this dishcloth!! What a great idea to use the hemp! Maybe i will get this as a Christmas gift??? (Hint Hint!)


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