Is Costco replacing your health food store?

An arrangement of packaged foods purchased at costco laid out on the counter.

Shopping at Costco. I love it (and kinda loath it). Living where we live, it's an epic 2.5 hour (one way) drive, and we can usually only go on the weekend, when it's a noisy, busy, crazy mess.

After the most recent trip, I took a good look at the things I bought....almost everything was 'health food'. When did this happen? Is this what Costco shoppers want? It must be. I mean they still have oodles of things I would not remotely consider health food, but lots of healthier products have made their way into the arsenal of products they carry everyday.

I worked at Costco through my university days....often buying cases of gum and the biggest bags of Cadbury mini-eggs (not making the best food choices). I don't remember what else they had, but I'm fairly certain there were zero organic products. Looking around Costco today, it's organic frozen mango, agave nectar (blah), organic coconut sugar, sprouted rice, quinoa, coconut water and dozens like them.

I don't really know where I'm going with this...more of an observation of things. I save a bit of money going to Costco once every 2 or 3 months, but thank goodness there is an awesome health food store here in town. I don't think i could live here without it! I'm probably there 2 or 3 times a week to pick something up. Ok, enough about that....what about the snow this week?! There's my Honda fit under there.
My Fit completely covered with snow in the driveway
Remember when I showed you that thing a month ago? Not the same post but same height. The snow is slowly creeping up. Plus...see that light in the top right corner? I'm calling it sunshine. I need too.
pathway of snow showing how high the snow is getting
Getting out on the greenbelt for a snow walk. Gotta do it, especially on these grey days. Helps to keep the sanity in check!

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