Chalkboard paint to label pantry jars

small mason jars with chalkboard paint on lids, labelled with chalk
I have a cupboard full of jars. While I know what most things are in there, it would be nice to have everything labelled, in its place, etc. That's typical of me. I like things to be organized and tidy. I even prefer that to clean. Of course, I like it clean too, but tidy looks clean. You know what I mean?

Plus, sometimes I put things away convincing myself that of course I'll remember what it is, no need to label it, only to look at it months later and not have a clue.

This way I'll have no excuse-as long as there is chalk around.

It's the first time for me using chalkboard paint. Sometimes it looked like it would dry lumpy/brush marks. But it smoothed out nicely when dry--Easy!

I bought the paint at the hardware store and I had a zillion jars to choose from at home. But if you don't have any, thrift stores are a great spot to pick them up cheap (I bleach those ones out a little).  I lightly sanded the surfaces but it seemed like this paint would stick to just about anything, sanded or not. 
descriptive pics showing preparations for jars and lids for painting
Allow for some ventilation. The paint is oil based and fairly smelly. You might start thinking that most surfaces in your home would benefit from a writeable chalkboard surface.
mason jars with chalkboard paint labels and label written in chalk
And there we go, this cupboard is coming along nicely...I couldn't resist doing the salt shaker too. Probably not super practical but I did say that paint was smelly. 
Inside of pantry showing chalkboard paint jars labelled with chalk
And, to give you an idea of our weather these walk to work yesterday.3 pictures showing snowy conditions over a bridge, woman in pink winter wear and snowy riverHappy organizing! What are some ways you keep track of what's what in the cupboard?


  1. This is awesome!! You make things look so easy!! I think you have inspired me...except I have no jars of any kind...but perhaps I will get some!

  2. Thanks! you make my day with your great comments :)


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