The perfect cup of tea

I'm a Coronation Street watcher. It's not a soap to me, more like classic British TV. What does it offer you may wonder? 
  • Improbable yet somehow believable plots
  • Not especially handsome but sexily accented men
  • The right amount of crazy people balanced with boringly normal ones (like Emily)
  • Makes me feel good about my food choices (what with all the bacon butties or is it buddies?)

They're so into their tea too. You can't watch an episode without wanting a 'cuppa' yourself. They'll stab their fellow Weatherfield resident in the back then offer to "put the kettle on, shall I?"

That's what I was thinking as I made my morning cup. Coffee makes my eye twitchy (seriously), so it's tea all the way for me. But I know Corrie wouldn't approve of my methods: I don't use a teapot, I only drink earl grey (though that sounds like it might be English...), and I have it with stevia & almond milk.

Tea, my window nook and Corrie. Plus a big bowl of muesli. Perfect way to spend Sunday morning. Then later, off for a ski.

What's your favourite way to spend Sunday morning?


  1. Can totally relate to this entry!! Love the "what does Corrie" have to offer part!!

    1. My fellow Corrie watcher, you're the one that got me hooked!


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