Following Mercola's beginner nutrition plan

I think we all go through times of eating great, feeling great and looking great. Then there are times when we just need a little inspiration and motivation to get back on the wagon. I was looking for a little inspiration lately. Partly because I have a trip to Hawaii coming up in 6 weeks and partly because I've been feeling a little sluggish with all the bread and flour I've been eating (it's been whole grains but nonetheless, still contributes to feeling blah--for me anyway).

I tend to eat pretty good even when I'm eating too much flour. But even healthy eating can lead to weight gain and sluggishness. I occasionally refer to Dr. Mercola for his take on nutrition and I decided to see what he had to say on the subject. If you haven't heard of him, he's the physician behind the 'worlds #1 natural health website'. He is an advocate of anti-grain and anti-sugar. In fact, he interestingly encourages people to quit sugar before they try to quit smoking. A little extreme in my view on some topics, I still think he has a lot of good information and genuinely wants to help people be healthy. He has 3 plans on nutrition. Not diets, but rather healthy eating guidelines to follow for optimal health and ideal weight. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. It looked pretty good, and I love an organized plan, so I got started with beginner.

Here's a quick overview of the beginner plan:
  • Eliminate wheat and other allergens. There's a chart. It's mostly things I don't eat anyway. But looking ahead to Carbs, he suggests reducing ones like rice, oats, quinoa and potatoes. That won't be easy. I won't eliminate but I'll cut back.  
  • Limit sugar and fructose to below 25 grams/per day. If you only eat fructose in the form of veggies and fruit, you'd consume about 15 grams per day. He says stevia is great. And natural sweeteners like honey are ok in the beginner stage. I love sweet things. 
  • Have 1/3 of daily food uncooked and eat more veggies in general. 
  • No artificial sweeteners. That seems like a no-brainer. 
I'm going to do this as a kind of detox for the next 6 weeks. Out with anything processed and in with whole foods. I'll follow the other aspects of the beginner plan as well. There are several pages to it,  but that's a start for now. I'll update on how it's been going in a week or so. Here's my inspiration to keep on track. Jennifer Aniston. It's hard to find a super tasteful shot of her in a bikini-but she looks fantastic. 43! 

Jennifer aniston in a bikini

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