Jennifer aniston abs & interval training

As warmer weather approaches, it's time to let some spring fever in to inspire your fitness. I'm not someone who loves exercise so the idea of less time working out = same or better benefit is awesome really. This post is about what's been working for me and some info about interval training. 

What I've been doing lately:
  • 30 minute runs 2x a weekNew for me is adding sprint bursts of 10-15 seconds. It's painful and sometimes I want to barf but unless I push myself, I'll just leisurely jog around. I can already see the difference with the bursts. Getting stronger without running longer (which I don't want to do).
  • Interval training home workouts. In just 24 minutes I feel the way I used to after going to the gym for an hour. High intensity interval training--- benefits of a shorter workout:
    • Shorter workouts didn't make me feel as hungry as my endless exercise sessions which made it easier to resist eating back every calorie I'd just burned." Read more.
    • To be effective, H.I.T. must hurt. But a study found that when a group of runners practiced H.I.T. on the track, they enjoyed the workout more than a second group of runners who jogged continuously for 50 minutes. The H.I.T. runners, the study’s authors suspect, were less bored. What's the single best Exercise?
Doing 'knee' push ups (they still kill me)
lunging for my butt
These are my 8 exercises. I do them 2x (but not in a row) as hard as I can for 1 minute (except plank, you can't do much but be in plank position) then break 30 seconds in between.
  • plank (arms straight or bent)
  • bicycle
  • push-ups (knees variety for me)
  • dips (use edge of a table)
  • lunges
  • squats
  • one-leg squats
  • squat walk 
planking like crazy for 1 minute
Do you see how small my place is? I'm between the dining table and the kitchen island here. But there is always room for a mat! No excuses.
An interval stopwatch really helps. But if you don't have one, feel free to use mine. It's free online but if you use mine you won't have to set it up. 

Jennifer Aniston's an inspiration to me for staying fit and healthy into the 40's & I was pretty excited when I came across this. I can literally feel the 2-pack bursting out as I do them (ok, not quite but my abs are super sore the next day). See what you think.

4 steps to Jennifer Aniston Abs

I'm starting a cleanse on Friday for 12 days. If you would like to join me, I would love the company and support! 

I'm not buying the kit, rather following the foods list for one I used in the past called Wildrose d-tox. I don't think it will be easy. But they say easy things aren't worthwhile, right?

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