Spring cleaning for the body- starting a detox

cleanse approved breakfast food, yum

Looking outside today, it's hard to think 'spring'. But even so, I seem to have caught spring fever. I did one of my favourite things in the spring.....going through spring/summer clothes. Not many things I love more than a good purge of ones things. 

My get-rid includes stuff that: 
  • I never wear but keep because I think they'd be great for impromptu picnics or for painting the house 
  • I don't love to wear anymore or
  • is not even pyjama worthy 

That's my clothing detoxed. Pretty easy, but the hard one is diet, and I've been putting it off for a year. But I'm happy to say, today is day 1 of a 12 day detox! I'm soo excited to get some days under my belt and and follow through with it. 

I'm using the Wildrose d-tox. Not totally, because I didn't buy the kit. I've used it before and I find following the foods list does the job. 

They (wildrose people) don't want you eating toxins or foods that contribute to yeast growth. The food chart & pamphlet are available but here's a summary:

Don't eat

Tropical fruit
All sweeteners (sugar, honey, etc) except stevia
Dried fruit
Dairy except butter 
Flour made from grains (almond flour ok)
Processed breakfast cereals

Peanut butter
Grapes or raisins
Raw mushrooms

20% or less of diet
Coffee (drink no more than 2 cups per day)
Black tea
Whole grains
Beef, pork and poultry

80% of diet
Brown rice
Fresh tomatoes

Eat as much as you like

Herbal tea

Other things to try during detox:
Dry brushing before showering
Replace coffee & black tea with green tea and herbal tea
Keep a food log
Eat between 7am and 7pm only

Just had breakfast of steel cut oats (got up at 6:45 to cook them since they take 1/2 hour, yikes gotta plan that better). Doctored them with hemp hearts, chia seeds, pepitas, applesauce and almond milk (almost more topping than oats, yes). Green tea, then mid-morning herbal tea with stevia. Feeling pretty good so far....

Have you done a detox? How did you feel while you were on it?

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