cooking + wine + gardening = staycation

Lots of talk about going away, but in the end, we stayed home.  Not the weekend getaway I was hoping for, but less rushing around and we got some stuff done. 
  • shopping in Kelowna on Saturday (new clothes for me!!)
  • & a big food shop at Costco (deserves its own bullet)
  • gardening Sunday 
  • packed in my exercise on Monday with mountain biking and squash
After wearing the same 2 pairs of stretch cords from Costco for the past 8 months, I felt I was due some new pants. I got these chambray trousers (you could totally wear these in a no jeans workplace), flowy peasant blouse and rattan wedges.

Finally tried the raw kelp noodles. Overall impression was good but not amazing. Rice noodles they are not...mostly due to a slightly weird crunchy texture. I tossed with baby spinach, chicken and peanut sauce. The flavour is neutral, they took on flavours from the sauce.  
Jack just after breakfast on Sunday. It's challenging to get a good pic what with all the black fur. I think he's contemplating territory maintenance strategies.
Enjoying a glass of wine on the deck & to make it more special, a glass wine stopper gift from the in-laws from their trip to Africa. Makes every bottle seem fancy.
Year 2 of my gardening life. So much to learn, it makes me sad :(  Loving marigolds and have put them everywhere. Apparently they keep bugs away? Not sure what kind of bugs, but seems like a good idea....still need to buy lettuce.   
What did you get up to this long weekend?

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