Before and after fence project & garden tour

Ah summer. Second year of garden growing. How are things going you wonder? Last time we looked, there wasn't much to see. But now? Lettuce, lots of herbs. Especially mint. Three kinds! I think I'll dry it for tea. 
Marigolds help with bugs. The petals are edible and look beautiful on salad.
The good: growing potatoes and zucchini for first time and things seem to be going well.
The bad: beets are super tiny and tomatoes have taken on blight. I think it's fungus from the damp last month. The leaves are spotty, turning brown and dying, drat.  Last year I had another problem with tomatoes.
And much to my extreme pleasure, a fence! Privacy is a good thing. The other thing was the worst fence ever and slapped together, obviously. Did it even look like a fence? Come on.
Next project started: refurbishing/hole filling. Yep, that's tape and it's been there all winter.
 What's happening around your place?

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