Cheap renos that look great

I like to call my home a cabin, when yes, it is clearly a trailer. A cozy, comfy trailer. Cabin sounds more romantic for a home in the mountains. But with being an older trailer, our goal with renos is as cheap as possible or free (best).

In part 1 of my summer update, I posted 3 cheap and cheerful projects.  For part 2, I'll share renos I'm proud of & a garden update.

1. First the garden

Big changes including a taller fence (4' plastic chicken wire. It's fantastic). Expanded the size by more than double. All the grass will be gone soon and next year black mulch around the beds. The fence is a must for both the cats as well as deer.

I especially love the gate. All built with reclaimed wood!

Will these tomatoes ripen already!? Things are looking pretty good but it's the end of August and only had 10 ripe cherry tomatoes thus far. Drastic measures need to be taken soon.
Things are looking wild in the boxes with flowering peppermint and oregano. I can't keep up with production. I don't use oregano for anything it seems. Red potatoes growing everywhere too. Lettuce mix is in the front of the first box, hope to be eating it in another couple weeks. 
Planted more peas after the deer fiasco with the first pea planting of the season. 

2. Cabin renos
I showed you this 'before' a while ago. Craig and my brother took down the rotting deck about a week ago. Still some deck work to be done. Except the paint and stain, the materials were free or bartered for.
The lean-to project was done last year, all except for painting and staining. What a world of difference it makes! (the project next door is our neighbours workshop). 

There were so many more projects done and more still that need to be done. But the summer is short and we also get out in the camper and do fun stuff. Here we are heading out on the way to Nakusp then Nelson, BC.
What's the best thing you've done so far this summer?

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