Granny striped crocheted blanket

What better way to end a dry posting spell than to show off my 3 years in the making blanket! I finished it up yesterday night while watching Lilyhammer on Netflix. It all came together quite nicely I just took my sweet, sweet time working on it. But enough was enough I said, I want to finish up projects from the past to get started on new ones in 2014.

The blanket is a simple pattern from Lucy at Attic 24. I love her blog, it's all lovely crocheted things and gets me inspired....Look at this cozy neck thingy she made. Kind of a crocheted buff.

Speaking of warm-weather crochet gear, I also love these ear warmers from Mother earth boutique on Etsy. They look deceivingly simple. I'll try to make one but they're probably a bargain at $20. 
More blanket shots? why I don't mind at all. Mr. Roo loved the new blanket too during the photo shoot and couldn't help himself (he knows he's not really allowed to sit on it- his claws get stuck in the yarn and pulls happen!!). In the bottom corner, that's what he thinks of rules. 
I'll keep it short and sweet. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas season. Looking forward to sharing and posting in 2014. 

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