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There was a little more sugar consumption in my life than I would like during the first part of Spring....but with Summer on the way (and an invitation to a bikini wedding), I want to feel my total best and that means giving sugar the heave-ho. I've been making raw chocolate for a few years, but I wanted to share this gem as I seem to have got the proportions just right. Super chocolaty with a hint of sweet. It's saved me on more than one evening these past weeks from the sweet munchies!

Feel free to play with ingredients. You could add nuts, seeds, coconut flakes. I sometimes use cocoa butter instead of coconut oil or a combination. But, I'm on a coconut love-feast lately. Here's why:

Coconut oil facts
  • Coconut oil is mostly made up of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are smaller than most fatty acids. They permeate cell membranes easily, and do not require special enzymes to be utilized by your body. 
  • MCFAs are easily digested and put less strain on your digestive system.
  • MCFAs are transported directly to the liver where they are converted into energy rather than stored as fat. They promoting “thermogenesis” which increases the body’s metabolism, leading to weight loss

Raw Chocolate Recipe

Yield: 10-12 (if using silicone cupcake liners)

1/4 cup + 2 tbsp raw virgin coconut oil (or cocoa butter or combination)
1/2 cup raw cocoa powder
5 drops liquid stevia and/or 1-2 tbsp sweetener of choice (e.g. maple syrup or brown rice syrup or see note about xylitol) 

1. In a small saucepan, add coconut oil and cocoa powder. Melt over medium heat. It doesn't take long. Mix well. 
2. Remove from heat. Mix in sweetener of choice. If using brown rice syrup, leave on the heat while you add. It is quite sticky and needs a little more heat to incorporate into the choc mix. 
3. Spoon into silicone moulds or other prepared chocolate receptacle. 
4. Place in the freezer to cool until solid. About 15 minutes.
5. Remove from moulds, store in the fridge or freezer. 
I pour the liquid chocolate into silicone cupcake liners but in you can use chocolate moulds or even a container lined with parchment paper. 

Note: I used xylitol with great results after figuring out how to dissolve the granules! For the choc recipe above, use 2 tsp xylitol. Add 1 tsp hot water to it and heat in a small saucepan (or stainless measuring cup). It dissolves quickly. Continue to heat a little longer to evaporate some of the water. A little water is o.k. Add this to your melted chocolate mixture. 
Other note: My stevia brand is Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops in english toffee flavour. Regular flavour liquid stevia will work fine too.
My flavour combo of the moment includes adding:
  • 10 drops peppermint oil
  • tsp dissolved xylitol granules (plus the 5 drops stevia)
It's just like a peppermint patty!

P.S. I'm not sure what that brown spot is on top. I thought it was from the quick cool-down in the freezer but I tried a slow cool-down in the fridge and it was so much worse; a giant crater in the middle of the chocolate. Anyway, either way, it doesn't affect the taste and I'm not overly concerned with perfection (haha, right). But if you find a way to solve this, let me know. 

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