New house renovation progress

We moved in December to a house and out of the trailer. The nice thing about the trailer is that it is SMALL. And for me, small is doable, manageable...less accumulation of stuff. Ya know? The new house is pretty big for 2 people and 2 cats... (6 bedrooms). All original 70's (not in a good retro way). The lower lever remains untouched, with plans to suite it at some point in the next 50 years. But the top level is coming along.

Craig is doing all the handyguy stuff himself with me in the supportive role of sustenance provider and waste lugger-outsider.  These renos were done to May. No pics posted, but at the same time, the bathroom was being demoed.

If I had posted this while the renos were happening, there would be much more stress & urgency in my writing. It's my first experience with a big project and it's messy and exhausting. Not good for my sense of order, which I've had to suppress. The top floor is almost finished though, needs a floor and trim (oh, and kitchen is only 2/3 done).

The opened up wall. Cut off in the next pic, but the post is still there. Had to keep it as it's a load bearing beam. Makes for a cool feature. 
Walls had layers of wood under the panelling. Floor had carpeting. We ripped it up and painted the plywood. Floor will be done last.

We took out 2 closets in the hall (behind Craig's head). Fr too many doors on a small wall. 4!

For the summer, renos went on the back-burner in favour of chopping wood and tending a small veggie garden. Next time, I'll post some pics of the outdoor renos.

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