Natural dyed eggs

Recently, I was inspired when I saw this post on the kitchn (How to make vibrant, naturally dyed Easter Eggs). The directions were easy enough to follow, but haha, not that easy, because it was only much later, I realized I forgot the vinegar. I think it would have made the colours more vibrant. But alas, my eggs are still pretty. Pale and pretty....festive for Easter. I was debating not to include that link, because you might think mine are looking good, but if you see the ones at the Kitchn, wow, That's some colour on their eggs!

But it was a fun project and awesome to have boiled eggs snacks for days & days (I love boiled eggs). They keep for about a week in the fridge.

I tried purple cabbage, red onion skins and turmeric as my natural colourants of choice.  I kept my eggs in their dyes overnight in the fridge.
The purple cabbage gave me the results I loved the most.
Not too much difference here for the brown. I wonder if this is where the vinegar would have helped?
Pale but pretty yellow. A very Easter colour I'd say.
Egg close up.

Have a lovely Easter everyone!
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