Natural deodorant (that totally works)

My simple 3-ingredient lemongrass coconut deodorant recipe I posted last summer is still going strong. Using it is a pleasure. A little goes a long way, it last for months and still keeps doing it's odour-free magic. It's insanely economical and totally natural. But, I get bored using the same thing all the time for a remix.

Natural deodorants are popping up everywhere; specifically 'cream' styles. I like to use a stick style, but I'm open to options and I keep my eye on them. Routine Cream (made in Canada in beautiful little jars)...and Black Chicken 'Axilla' from Australia. I haven't tried any, but they totally inspire me to to diy them (especially after seeing their super simple ingredients list).

After after 4 versions, I got one I liked....a lot. Here's how it went down.

Version 1: Very greasy. Not good.

Version 2: Too dry. Attempting to compensate for version #1, the cream just crumpled out of my pits and onto the floor.

Version 3: Better.....

Version 4: Best. Nice texture, goes on easily while still having enough of the dry ingredients to do their thing.

Natural deodorant cream recipe

Yield: 100 grams
p.s. please get a scale if you don't have one....they are inexpensive and you'll use it constantly if you diy these kinds of things


Oily stuff
15 grams coconut oil
4 grams beeswax
3 grams shea butter
3 grams cocoa butter
5 grams sweet almond oil (or can use grapeseed, olive or jojoba)

Dry stuff
35 grams baking soda
15 grams arrowroot powder
10 grams corn starch
10 grams kaolin clay

  • 0-10 drops essential oil (depending on your smell preference. Avoid peppermint and other strong/irritating oils as they can sting. Vetiver is nice. For me, lemongrass or lime and vanilla.
  • 2 drops grapefruit seed extract (optional-but has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties).


1. gently heat (just enough to liquify) oily ingredients in a saucepan.
2. measure dry ingredients in another bowl.
3. add gently heated oils to dry ingredients.
3. mix.
4. add optional essential oils and optional grapefruit seed extract.
5. store in a small container with a lid.
6. to use, scoop out a pea-size amount with your finger and massage into skin.
Enjoy it very much. 

Update: I've noticed this gets a little 'firm' in the winter months (more like rock solid) if you live somewhere chilly, like me. If you anticipate this, instead of a little pot, try putting this into a stick deodorant container (I reuse an old one) or try adding a little more almond oil when you first make it and it will stay softer even in the cold...but not too much or it will be greasy.   

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