After I moved to a small city, pop. 7200, I didn't have a lot to do for a while. While I searched for work and finding my place, I decided to get focused on the things important to me: living and eating in an uber healthy way. Voila! The fresh beet was born. 
I'm passionate about health & nutrition as preventative medicine since forever. But after moving, I wanted to live a more natural way of life; a garden, baking & cooking basics, cutting out sugar!

Making my own products was the next logical step with the focus of less packaging and less complicated: toothpastebody butter, deodorant and room spray (so easy-bad to call it a recipe). This blog is my tool to encourage my experiments and share my journey with the tiny few who read it (hello mom). I use my blog to store and share.  
I design and maintain my blog. It's a happy pursuit when I have the time. Continuing to learn how to make it look good and be easy to read is fun. I'm glad you found me and I hope you like what you read. 

Jack and Mr. Roo. Furry step brothers not going too far from home / enjoying the ornate iron work. 

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  1. Your blog is great! (Came here via the FBC email). I'm especially inspired to try making peanut butter cups now (I just need a sweet silicon pan thingy like you have!).


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